Avon Meters Private Limited

We are fully equipped with sophisticated machinery & testing instruments required for maintaining high standard of accuracy. We have installed and commissioned 7 Nos. test benches with electronic sensors, error display units and electronic R.S.S. meters for testing and calibration of single phase and poly phase energy meters. The meters are tested with the programmed software loaded in the computer of each bench. We have also upgraded facilities by installing the following equipments:-

Fully Automatic test bench for 20 positions imported from MTE Switzerland.
20 KVA Thyristor controlled CVCF system for maintaining constant voltage and frequency.
SEHO Make Wave Soldering Machine for PCBs soldering.
Ultrasonic welding machines to provide tamper proof meters to our esteemed customers as per their requirements.

We have got a very strong R&D base and a dedicated team of Engineers to develop energy meters as per the technical specifications of the State Electricity Boards/ Power Utilities. The professionally managed R&D teem with availability of sophisticated infrastructure and networks facilities are capable of indigenously developing and manufacturing highly reliable good quality and optimally designed energy meters. Solid stale devices/ Micro Controllers are used to programme the software as per the customer requirements. All efforts are made to keep our R&D team updated with the latest technology changes. Solid State devices and ASIC/Microcontroller based technology is being used to manufacture our meters with features like remote and prepaid metering.

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